By Christoffer Andersson

In this section certain tools are released and available for download as well sessions content such as presentations and scripts.

  1. selvaraj says:

    Hi Chris,
    Hope you are dong good. Nice to connect you through blogs. I am part of technet contributor. And i would like to join MS. Is there any helpful input form your end.


    Selvaraj | 9986655633.

    Future Looks Bright..

  2. steve says:

    Do plan on releasing the source code?

    - Steve

  3. venkatesh says:


    This is venkatesh from Cbe. I want to take Active directory backup from my domain. i tried with wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:location: but it seems fails.

    Please tell how to take the backup & restore in windows 2008 server R2.

    I want to implement the ADC concept in my office.


  4. W Jager says:

    Hallo Christoffer,
    I’m interessted in the Sample Scripts to Upgrade Active Directory from WS03 to WS08
    GetDHCPConfig.BAT, GetDNSConfig.BAT, RetireDC.cmd, RunDcPromo.VBS, SetDHCPConfig.BAT, SetDNSConfig.BAT, …

    Could you please send me the download link

    Best regards
    Walter Jäger

  5. Tony Jose says:

    Hello Christoffer,

    We have 2 forests and also we have created forest trust/two way between the Root DC.

    I want to allow the user from forest1 to logon in forest2 and vice versa.

    Please provide me the complete steps we have to follow.

    Hope to hear from you !!

    Thanks & Regards
    Tony Jose