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Here are some guidelines to follow to choose the most appropriate store for placing directory information (usually requested as a schema extension, with additions of attributes and/or classes) If a schema change is required for an enterprise-wide application, such as Exchange Server that has a major integration (effect’s most objects in the forest) and required [...]

Identity Management Strategy Ideas

Posted: 23rd June 2010 by Christoffer Andersson in Uncategorized

I recommend most customers to implement an identity Life-Cycle Management process to provision and de-provision identities where those identities and it’s associated data on a best effor will automatically flow in from an authoritative data source with the ability for approved managers to use an manual process to fill in missing data (there is usally no way to fully automate all [...]

ADMT v3.2 has finally been released to the public; I’m currently involved in a migration project where we consolidate over 70+ forests to one corporate forest running Windows Server 2008 R2 and one of the main benefits with version 3.2 is the support for Windows Server 2008 R2 About ADMT 3.2   ADMT v3.2 is [...]